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Extinct Mammoth: Coming to a Zoo Near You

Techmeology (1426095) writes | about 4 years ago

Science 1

Techmeology (1426095) writes "Professor Akira Iritani of Kyoto University plans to use recent developments in cloning technology to give life to the currently extinct woolly mammoth. Although earlier efforts in the 1990s were unsuccessful due to damage caused by extreme cold, Professor Iritani believes he can use a technique pioneered by Dr Wakayama (who successfully cloned a frozen mouse) to overcome this obstacle. This technique will enable Professor Iritani to identify viable cell nuclei, and transfer them to egg cells of an African elephant which will carry the mammoth for a 600 day pregnancy."
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Pleistocene Park (1)

orkysoft (93727) | about 4 years ago | (#34892350)

So, they're going to do this on an isolated island, and they'll only clone females, right? :-)

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