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Google Bulling Users to Use Chrome's PDF Viewer?

paleshadows (1127459) writes | more than 3 years ago

Google 0

paleshadows (1127459) writes "Most Chrome/Gmail users have probably noticed that opening a PDF attachment has become a lengthy and cumbersome operation, unless one chooses to "view" the PDF with Chrome's specialized viewer. Specifically, whereas "view" requires only a single click, "download" requires performing four operations: (1) clicking "download"; (2) pressing a "save" button after being told off that PDF "can harm you computer"; (3) opening the associated menu; and (4) choosing "open". No technical procedure exists to shorten this sequence.

Very many users have complained about the added complexity, but to no avail, their feedback generally being dismissed on the grounds that Chrome's plugin "really is safer". Users' anger seems to best be expressed in the answer voted most popular in one of the many related threads, saying, "I am not going to "cope with the warning". I am switching back to FF. Working in publishing, I need to download many PDFs every day from trusted sources. I can't add extra steps without affecting profitability."

Once upon a time, there was some powerful company that employed similar tactics to bully users into exclusively using a certain browser. Then another powerful company, in response, vowed not to be evil. So what is up with that?"

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