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SourceForge down after attack

Animats (122034) writes | more than 3 years ago


Animats (122034) writes "SourceForge, a hosting site for many open source projects is down today. management claims they were attacked: "We detected a direct targeted attack that resulted in an exploit of several servers, and have proactively shut down a handful of developer centric services to safeguard data and protect the majority of our services." Currently, CVS and SVN access to source code, even for reading, is unavailable, and there is no announced restoration time."
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interesting (1)

w00ten (1030874) | more than 3 years ago | (#35023710)

Yesterday we heard about an attack against the repositories of the Fedora project, but it appears that no changes or code injections occurred. Now today we hear of a directed attack against the repositories of Sourceforge? Something doesn't smell right... I wonder what's going on... I got 20 bucks that says it's the same people...
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