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Did Chinese TV pass off Top Gun footage as a milit

heidaro (1392977) writes | more than 3 years ago

The Military 1

heidaro (1392977) writes ""As part of its ongoing expansion, has the People's Liberation Army signed up Goose and Maverick? Chinese bloggers are accusing state broadcaster CCTV of using repurposed footage from the 1986 film Top Gun for a story on a recent air force drill."
Is it just me or are communist nations very skilled an embarrassing themselves?"

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"Commies skilled an(sic) embarrassing themselves"? (1)

sznupi (719324) | more than 3 years ago | (#35049142)

First, this seems to be the work of a TV broadcaster, not a nation (certainly not a communist one...) ... does anyone here really think "non-commie" media are any better?

Secondly, apparently it was used as a demonstration of effects of their new missile - using a footage of exploding F-5 is even somewhat fitting, might even be not simply a case of lazy TV crew... (even if not lazy, capturing real hits would be extremely hard for little effect, they aren't particularly "cinema impressive")

And generally, regarding embarrassments - yeah, because in non-commie lands works of visual fiction would never be used in real military contexts, that's unheard of, [] would be ... too, too embarrassing.

But yes, you all read that right, their main TV broadcaster is called CCTV / sarcasm meter implodes :>>

PS. BTW, regarding such movies - Les Chevaliers du ciel (aka Sky Fighters), while obviously also with completely redundant plot, is much more enjoyable all-flash-no-substance kind of deal - it has much more spectacular cinematography, nvm lots more minutes of actual flying. Unlike Top Gun (where most filming was done from the ground) - in Les Chevaliers du ciel the majority of filming was done from the air, largely via cameras hidden in modified fuel tanks of fighters, to great effect.

Plus it's much less of "a story about a man's struggle with his own homosexuality" (via Quentin Tarantino)
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