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How to measure performance of online content?

somberlain (614561) writes | more than 3 years ago

First Person Shooters (Games) 0

somberlain (614561) writes "I work for a company that offers testing solutions for various types of content on various types of platforms. We recently noticed a move from DirectX/OpenGL games running stand-alone on PC/Mac/Linux platforms to games running in a variety of browsers.

We have always provided statistics and metrics to our clients regarding the performance of these stand-alone games on various locations. Some clients provided debug tools in their games that allowed us to measure these statistics without a problem. In other cases, we used 3rd party tools that allowed us to capture these statistics.

We're now trying to find a solution to measure these statistics for browser-based games and streaming video. Most of them are currently running using the Adobe Flash plug-in, but we're investigating other types (such as the Unity platform) as well.

One thing that we ask our clients is to include an FPS-meter into the game, but sometimes they don't want to add any extra code to their game. What I would like to ask the Slashdot readers is: do you have an experience with measuring the performance of Adobe Flash content when you don't have access to the code or the Flash-file itself? A simple statistic that we would like to measure is "frames per second", but we would be interested in other statistics (such as network usage) as well. It would be really convenient if this solution would also provide a way of measuring the FPS of a video stream."

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