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Welcome (1)

SavoWood (650474) | more than 3 years ago | (#35295248)

I for one welcome our new CAIFA overlords.

Ho hum - the US was first for a change. (1)

JSG (82708) | more than 3 years ago | (#35295626)

Well, you have really done it now.

In the traditional car analogy - the Govt can make all roads vanish from maps and also many ports (air, rail n sea) if nasty people start using them. Obviously, only after they've been really naughty.

Well that's really useful.

When will a Govt understand that this is a pointless waste of money. They now have a switch which if used will, at present - harm, and in the near future - destroy their own economy.

I've no doubt that in the UKoGB (home) someone is smugly sat fondling a similar but unreported kill switch.

It really is this simple - none of us really fully understand the sociological, economic and the $DEITY know's what else changes that are occurring world wide due to the internet.

We see huge changes daily and yet don't really notice them for what they are because we are in the midst of them.

A few years back if you predicted that > 500 MILLION people worldwide would choose to use a fancy bulletin board, run by one corporation, as their means of talking to people all across the globe, you would probably have looked a bit weird.

A few years back would you have predicted how much of your personal and business communication goes on over the internet?

We are in a period of change that rivals the Industrial Revolution. In the UK (I know my countries' history - I'm sure your own was just as exciting), when _that_ happened, it meant a period of ..... readjustment.

So, come on Government: Do you really want to have a "kill switch"? Do you really understand what you will actually kill with it?


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