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Optus calls to break NBN Co into baby telcos

natecochrane (1887566) writes | more than 3 years ago

Australia 1

natecochrane (1887566) writes "The CEO of Australia's No.2 telco, Optus, has called for a "baby Bell" solution to handle what he says is a growing threat to competition in the emerging $43 billion Australian national fibre-broadband network. Paul O'Sullivan says that only by breaking up the network architect NBN Co and tendering out its services, overseen by an independent board (much like Australia's Reserve Bank the Fed), can competition be preserved. And he had a few choice words to say about Australia's "No.2" ISP, iiNet: "If you take into account we operate a cable network and not ADSL [primarily] we’re still significantly larger than iiNet.""
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Aussie interwebs (1)

Naaythann (1416151) | more than 3 years ago | (#35333524)

The NBN is starting to look like it is in dire trouble. Majority of the population will have access to fibre, but the rural citizens get stuck with a mobile data solution based on the infrastructure that Telstra is replacing with 4G/LTE. It is far from economical to fibre up a country bigger than the US with only a fraction of the population. But with Telstra taking the next step i see a big influx of users jumping on the 40mbps network that is supposed to be rolled out in Capital cities by the end of the year as it is faster than what we consumers have available here as it is. The next few years of this roll out should be interesting, i know the CSIRO is working on tech that uses the standard TV signals as well as pretty much no modification to towers or homes to give internet. But i dont see it playing a part in things until our analogue networks are finally switched off. Even when that does happen the amount of competitors trying to by the soon to be available space is going to make it quite competitive and hopefully provide us with a pricing war :D
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