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Apple handcuffs 'open' webapps on iPhone home scrn

masterwit (1800118) writes | more than 3 years ago

Iphone 1

masterwit (1800118) writes "Saw this on The Register, but it seems that in order to promote in-house apps, Apple may specifically be hindering web-apps' performance in order to promote in house apps (of which Apple gets a 30% cut).

As one alleged quote from a developer in the article states: "Apple is basically using subtle defects to make web apps appear to be low quality – even when they claim HTML5 is a fully supported platform."

Since it is important to consider all viewpoints before being presented with concrete facts, this may be a bug and merely non-intentional on Apple's side..."

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masterwit (1800118) | more than 3 years ago | (#35487828)

After reading the article stats again, my summary (imo) may seem a bit off because although The Register indicates the anti-Apple bias that may appear at first from developers on the first page of the article, their conclusion is much better I feel on pg2 [] .

That is all :)

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