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WikiLeaks cash-for-votes exposé rocks Indian

mage7 (1984526) writes | more than 3 years ago


mage7 (1984526) writes "While the world's attention seems to be focused on the events unfolding in Japan and the Middle-east, Indian headlines are being dominated by the latest WikiLeaks' revelations.
The newly leaked cable (dated 17 July 2008) suggests that India's ruling Congress party bribed MPs, in order to secure their votes for a controversial nuclear deal between India and the US. Among other details, It describes how a senior Congress aide showed a US embassy official "chests of cash" allegedly containing about $25 million to pay off MPs ahead of the vote. Another Congress insider told a US official about how the Minister of Commerce and Industry formerly "could only offer small planes as he can pay for votes with jets.""

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Typo in Title (1)

mage7 (1984526) | more than 3 years ago | (#35527842)

WikiLeaks cash-for-votes exposé rocks Indian *government*.. Don't know why Slashdot truncated the title.
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