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Croatia issues a jailterm for unlicensed Windows

j35ter (895427) writes | more than 3 years ago


j35ter (895427) writes "Google Translation from the Article:

Municipal Court in Sisak issued a final conviction against MG from Moenice who is found guilty for, among other things, for the criminal offense referred to in Art. 230. Paragraph 1 Criminal law — unauthorized use of copyright works. The defendant was sentenced to imprisonment for a term of one year probation with a probation of three years. The court also ordered the seizure of computers used to commit a crime.

This happened to a guy who bought an allegedly stolen laptop wit a preinstalled pirated copy of windows. The article continues with a comment from the BSA:

This ruling is important because of the reasons for the verdict which the court stated: "It is a known fact, often present in the media, to private individuals that their computers — whether they be classical [sic] or laptop computer — may not install an operating system, respectively it is necessary to obtain approval of the person entitled to give permission to install the operating system so the same system could be used freely. The court deemed irrelevant whether the defendant personally installed the operating system, or whether it was done by someone at his request or if he used an operating system already installed. Defendant, if he bought a secondhand laptop, he should inform himself with regards to the installed operating system — even though the former owner did not inform him about it "

God help us all!"
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