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GPF Comics Seized by Copyright Gestapo

linuxrocks123 (905424) writes | more than 3 years ago


linuxrocks123 (905424) writes "In a move that would make GPF Comics villain Trudy Truehart proud, US Immigation and Customs Enforcement has apparently seized my favorite webcomic's domain name. A visit to currently shows that stupid "Domain Seized" template with the eagle in the middle looking like it's about to bite your face off. It's all speculation at this point as to why this was done: maybe it's a mistake, or maybe newspaper comic book artists just don't like competition. I assume we'll have more details — and a rehosted domain for GPF Comics — as this story develops."
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I don't get it (1)

CTU (1844100) | more than 3 years ago | (#35685652)

It is a web comic, not a site distributing pirated material or anything wrong. This has to be a mistake, or the US gov has shown itself to be more evil then I could have guessed.

I think (1)

WhitetailKitten (866108) | more than 3 years ago | (#35687306)

It's an April Fool's gag. My rationale is this:
+ I resolve to
+ A traceroute shows to be sitting behind a router
+ Datotel LLC is a colo hosting company and has been hosting at for at least the last year
+ Visiting the site by IP alone brings up the same ICE domain seizure page, but the image breaks because the webserver auto-corrects the request to resolve to http://www. [75.87.203]
+ I don't know that this is specifically known server behaviour for GPF Comics' host, but it suggests that the ICE seizure page is hosted on the actual Datotel rack, and ICE seizes DNS records, not servers.
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