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Editing Wikipedia Helps Professor Win Tenure

Hugh Pickens writes (1984118) writes | more than 3 years ago

Wikipedia 0

Hugh Pickens writes writes "To win tenure, junior professors spend years building a portfolio that demonstrates teaching, research, and service to the discipline, then face a committee who evaluates the portfolio to determine whether the professor gets a lifetime position or is asked to leave. Now Lianna Davis writes in Watching the Watchers that Michel Aaij has won tenure in the Department of English and Philosophy at Auburn University Montgomery in Alabama in part because of the more than 60,000 edits, a couple of Good Articles, a Featured List, and almost 150 "Did You Knows" he's written for Wikipedia. "I've written articles in many areas, and in many cases I could show my colleagues what I had done in their field," says Aaij. "I'd like to think that by now most of them have a favorable opinion of Wikipedia." Aaij felt that his contributions to Wikipedia merited mention in his tenure portfolio and a few weeks before the portfolio was due, two of his colleagues suggested, after they had heard him talk once or twice about the peer-review process for a Good Article, that he should include it under "research" as well as well as "service." "It took a bit of shuffling and organizing, but in the end I had a meaty section on Wikipedia and my work there under research, based on the claim that Did You Knows, Good Articles, and Featured Articles are all scrutinized more or less during a peer-review process.""

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