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Android Devices Banned From Princeton Campus

pmdubs (1695322) writes | more than 3 years ago


pmdubs (1695322) writes "A major bug in the Android DHCP implementation has forced network administrators to (effectively) ban the use of such devices on the Princeton campus. In the last few months, Princeton has had to kick more than 400 Android devices off the campus network for using IP addresses well beyond the alloted DHCP lease (to the detriment of other users), sending invalid DHCPREQUEST messages after lease expiration, and a variety of other wacky behaviors. The link provides a clearly documented explanation of the buggy behavior, as does this largely neglected bug report [].

Without doubt, this buggy behavior is affecting other, less vigilant networks, and disrupting wifi traffic for android and non-android devices alike."

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Sure... fix the bug... but also fix the network. (1)

3vi1 (544505) | more than 3 years ago | (#35863550)

I seem to recall heir network had the same problem with the iPhone: []

The best way to address problems is to avoid ever running into them. Princeton: you have under 8000 students and over 65,000 public IP addresses, and *way* more available private space. Why don't you adopt a policy of problem avoidance and save time/money by not having to look into these things rather than use obviously tiny pools?

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