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Why doesn't SONY like Canadians?

aonaran (15651) writes | more than 3 years ago

PlayStation (Games) 2

aonaran writes "On April 1, 2011 Sony Computer Entertainment America transferred the PSN services to the new Sony Network Entertainment America.

In the process they introduced a new Terms of Service and User Agreement Version 9. Despite the date, it is no April Fools joke.

In this agreement, which can be seen in whole here:
there is a section in Section 8 about video services of the PSN that forbids Canadians from watching content that they rented or bought from PSN. If you watch it outside the USA you have violated the Terms of Service.

I thought it was a mistake, and the support techs I e-mailed initially agreed but then suggested I just agree to it anyway... cause SONY wouldn't take that part seriously right, SONY doesn't care about their contracts do they?... I asked for a corrected version, but was simply told that Version 9 is the official word from SONY, and that's that.

What am I complaining about?
"SNEA licenses digitalized content, including television shows and movies ("Video Content") to you for your personal, private, non-commercial viewing in the United States only" problem if you live in the US, but SNEA also serves us Canucks. Tough luck for those north of the border, you just got 0wn3d!"

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now (1)

CTU (1844100) | more than 3 years ago | (#35924894)

I think this justifies downloading media because it is less restrictive and BS then legally renting/buying said media. Sony just screws leagal consumers with such restrictive ToS and finds new ways to stop people from a legal means to aquire anything.

Seams reasonable... (1)

Eunuchswear (210685) | more than 3 years ago | (#35928020)

... what's the problem exactly?

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