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Portugal to Make CC Licences Illegal?

Glyn Moody (946055) writes | more than 3 years ago


Glyn Moody writes "A proposal for a worrying new law is being discussed in Portugal that seems to make Creative Commons licences illegal: "The equitable compensation of authors, artists, interpreters or executives is inalienable and non-renunciable, being null any other contractual clause in contrary." The view here seems to be that of Bill Gates when he asked: "Who can afford to do professional work for nothing?" But where would this leave CC-licensed projects like Wikipedia in Portugal?"
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Wikkipedia (2)

turkeyfish (950384) | more than 3 years ago | (#36071744)

It would seem the easiest way to kill this stupidity would be for Wikkipaeida to threaten to pull every mention of the country of Portugal from its Wikki if this proposal becomes law.

It seems strange that in the US people are called socialist when they are not and yet in Portugal the real socialists are busy turning the country over to the capitalists. Will wonders never cease?

Re:Wikkipedia (2)

anyGould (1295481) | more than 3 years ago | (#36072836)

More likely Wikipedia would have to block all Portugal users entirely - if the license is illegal, either it's public domain (bad for WP) or it's suddenly owned by the original author(s) (meaning WP doesn't have the right to serve that data there at all).

Hopefully this will die on the order paper.

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