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Aussie telco slams Android on 1-click buy patent

lukehopewell1 (1855440) writes | more than 3 years ago

Australia 1

lukehopewell1 writes "Aussie telco giant Telstra has won a marathon court battle against Amazon in a local patents court over the legitimacy of its "1-click buy" patent, a method of purchase that speeds up customer transactions.

The delegate of the Commissioner of Patents, Ed Knock, found this week that Amazon's 1-click buy facility "lacks novelty [and] an inventive step", making Amazon's claim unpatentable.

Amazon's patent application included 141 claims, 60 of which were deemed invalid by the court. To be successful, a patent must not contain any invalid claims.

Knock acknowledged, however, that Amazon's patent application did include some original material and granted the online retailer 60 days to amend the application in compliance with patent regulations.

Amazon has been ordered to pay Telstra's legal costs in the matter."

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Android - Amazon? (1)

arnodf (1310501) | more than 3 years ago | (#36092144)

where's the link in the summary between Android and Amazon?

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