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GRUB 1.99 released with support for ZFS and BtrFS

kthreadd (1558445) writes | more than 3 years ago

GNU is Not Unix 1

kthreadd (1558445) writes "GNU GRUB has been updated to version 1.99. Among the many improvements are support for two new filesystems, BtrFS and ZFS. For Linux users this means that it's now possible to move to BtrFS entirely and not use it only for non-bootable volumes."
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Why grub ? (1)

buserror (115301) | more than 3 years ago | (#36159104)

Anyone tried "Chameleon" ? from the osx86 people ? beats the crap out of the lilo/grub combo by a country mile.

Alternatively, run extlinux. It's like grub, without all the garbage associated, and the now countless (on debian) directories of config file where you have to scratch your head for hours to add "vga=" to the kernel command line.

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