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The Future of Shopping

Hugh Pickens writes (1984118) writes | more than 3 years ago

The Almighty Buck 0

Hugh Pickens writes writes "The WSJ reports that a newdevice, now in use at about half of Ahold USA's Stop & Shop and Giant supermarkets in the Northeast, is making supermarket shoppers—and stores—happier. Looking like a smartphone, perched on the handle of your shopping cart, it scans grocery items as you add them to your cart. And while shoppers like it because it helps avoid an interminable wait at the cashier, retailers like it because the device encourages shoppers to buy more.Retail experts predict the new retail gizmos could eventually bring about the end of traditional cash registers and if the technology takes off, it could become a new opportunity for stores to shrink payrolls and put smaller stores out of business. Best of all for retailers, shoppers who use the Scan It system spend about 10% more than the average customer, probably because of targeted coupons and the control consumers feel while using the device.Retail experts predict that before long most of these mobile shopping gadgets will be supplanted by customers' own smartphones andas more customers load their smartphones with debit, credit and loyalty card information, more stores will adopt streamlined checkout technology."

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