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Tweeter to be prosecuted, Twitter now censoring?

Andy Smith (55346) writes | more than 3 years ago

Twitter 1

Andy Smith writes "Slashdot has already covered the super-injunctions furore in the UK, with one famous footballer going after an anonymous Twitter user who broke a court order and revealed his extra-marital affair. Now another footballer has asked the attorney general to prosecute a well-known journalist and TV personality, who went against another super-injunction and wrote about this footballer, again on Twitter. Meanwhile, going back to the first footballer, it looks like he's got Twitter running scared, as the site is apparently blocking his name from appearing on the trend list, despite him being one of the most tweeted-about people."
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Crazy (1)

CTU (1844100) | more than 3 years ago | (#36213090)

I don't get UK law. How can anybody expect to use the law to prevent something embarrassing from being brought to the public attention. They guy cheated on his wife and goes crying to the court about it. I am not in the UK and bound by that unjust law and I would spread this around wherever I could to spite the ass. I do not support any laws that protect a adulterating piece of shit like him and I hope others agree with me.

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