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Samsung wants to see iPhone 5 and iPad 3

tekgoblin (1675894) writes | more than 3 years ago

Iphone 1

tekgoblin writes "The suit against Samsung that Apple had filed back in April has been full of surprises recently and Apple even asked to see all of Samsung’s future devices. Now in a recent turn of events, Samsung is now requesting to view Apple’s upcoming devices such as the iPad 3 and iPhone 5."
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Misleading summary (1)

LenE (29922) | more than 3 years ago | (#36278102)

Apple asked to see physical prototypes with intended packaging of Samsung's announced and shown devices, for trade dress issues that their suit involves. They are not going after all future Samsung devices, just ones that have been shown publicly and bear a very strong resemblance to Apple's products. Their claim appears to have merit, as Samsung performed a crash redesign of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, when the iPad 2 was revealed, arriving at a near identical design being shown month later. This happened as they dumped their stock of their original design that looked like the first iPad, but in black rather than aluminum.

    Samsung's wants to see Apple's unannounced and non-public prototypes, because it just wants to see them (cuts down on copying time). Their new demand is unrelated to their countersuit, and may just be a delay tactic.


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