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Inside the World of Pixar, "Steve Jobs's Movie"

mattnyc99 (1008511) writes | more than 3 years ago

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mattnyc99 (1008511) writes "Tom Junod, the great Esquire writer who penned that famous Steve Jobs profile a couple years back, is back with a new story on John Lasseter, Pixar, and how CGI movies turn good boys into men. But Junod also gets gets glimpses that other recent profiles haven't — at Lasseter's incredible house (steam engines in glass ceilings, hidden chambers, braided wiring) but also inside Jobs' influence on the Pixar machine. From the article: The building in Emeryville is, in Lasseter's words, "Steve Jobs's movie." Jobs not only designed it; he designed it so that people inside it would behave a certain way. "Steve really believes in the accidental meeting," Lasseter says, and to that end he designed the building around a cathedral-like atrium, which is also where he located all the bathrooms and the subsidized company commissary. "Steve really believes that it's important to have great food," Lasseter says."
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