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Canada refuses extradition of Cisco whistleblower

dreampod (1093343) writes | more than 3 years ago


dreampod (1093343) writes "Canadian courts blocked the extradition of Peter Alfred-Adekeye, a former Cisco exec who filed a civil antitrust lawsuit against Cisco for 'forcing customers to buy maintainance contracts'.

Justice McKinnon called the expedited extradition request a 'perversion of justice' to attempt to resolve a civil dispute by filing criminal charges that 'grostequely inflate' a minor issue into serious charges that could require 500 years of jail time. He further slammed the collusion of Cisco and and the DOJ as an improper abuse of the courts. He singled out the DOJ prosecutors for having provided 'laughable' and misleading claims and failing to provide relevant information. This resulted in an arrest in the midst of Alfred-Adekeye giving testimony to a special sitting for the District Court of North Carolina because Cisco's Homeland Security friends had denied him re-entry to the US in a attempt to prevent him testifying against them. McKinnon describes the whole arrangement as 'simply not done in a civilized jurisdiction that is bound by the rule of law.'"

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