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Swiss RIAA under formal investigation

cheros (223479) writes | more than 3 years ago


cheros (223479) writes "The Swiss paper Blick reports that the IFPI, the Swiss equivalent of the RIAA is now under formal investigation for market rigging and building an illegal monopoly (Google translation).

A pre-investigation seems to have concluded that there is enough evidence to warrant a formal investigation into market rigging and forcing members not to import music handled by another member (i.e. anti-competition).

If found guilty, fines could amount to 10% of their turnover for the last 3 years.."

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IFPI is the Swiss MAFIAA (1)

arglebargle_xiv (2212710) | more than 3 years ago | (#36372316)

I saw an interview with an IFPI lawyer broadcast a few years ago, these guys really are the MAFIAA relocated to Switzerland. It's not surprising that they'd be investigated for racketeering.

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