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Pirate Movie Downloads Rise By 30% in UK says Stud

Anonymous Coward writes | more than 3 years ago

Piracy 0

An anonymous reader writes "Internet research firm Envisional says it found that illegal movie downloads in the UK have increased by 30% in the last 5 years.

Blaming faster broadband speeds and better file sharing methods, Envisional claims that the top five box office movies of 2010 were downloaded in the UK around 1.4 million times.

Avatar, topped the list with an estimated 200,000 downloads. However the movie still managed to £98m in box office takings in the UK in 2010.

"The methods of piracy have become easier, with quicker downloads and easier to find content — anyone with broadband can do it.” said Dr David Price of Envisional.

According to the study, movies are not the only downloads that have risen. The most popular TV Shows were downloaded around 1.24 million times in the UK last year, a 33% increase on 2006.

"We have a big demand in this country for north American TV shows in particularGlee and House are heavily illegally downloaded in the UK” Price told Sky News.

"We're very eager to get the television shows as soon as they get broadcast in the US....... we often have to wait for one month or two months for those shows to be shown legitimately in the UK."

He stated that the entertainment industry needs to be more competitive to reduce illegal file sharing.

"The best way to challenge this is to give people what they want..people are prepared to pay for downloads, so making these things legitimately available would be a huge step forward." He said.

Kieran Sharpe of the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) said piracy “costs the British economy £170m a year and is putting thousands of jobs at risk.”

"Research for the Government has shown that film piracy costs the (global film) industry about half a billion pounds a year Research for the government has shown that film piracy costs the industry about half a billion pounds a yearAbout a third of that is due to illegal downloading of film and TV content.” "

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