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Adobe released 64-bit Flash for Linux

kai_hiwatari (1642285) writes | more than 3 years ago

Linux 1

kai_hiwatari (1642285) writes "Adobe has been taking quite a bashing from Linux supporters of late. First, there was the issue of them dropping AIR for Linux and then came the bashing because of the lack of updates on the experimental 64-bit Flash for Linux.

Well, guess what! They have just released Flash 11 and it includes native 64-bit support for Linux as well. When they discontinued their experimental 64-bit Flash earlier this year, Adobe promised to release a 64-bit version of Flash for Linux when they release the next major version. They have kept that promise."

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Accuracy. You're doing it wrong. (1)

Tumbleweed (3706) | more than 3 years ago | (#36757036)

Flash _player_ 11. Still, good news if it works right.

I still think they could make some coin by creating Linux versions of their creation tools. Flash Catalyst, etc for Linux would be awesome. Output to Flash or HTML5, etc. That'd be hawt.

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