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Scanning APS negs — What's best?

davesag (140186) writes | more than 3 years ago


davesag writes "I have hundreds of old rolls of photos taken with APS film and I want to scan the negs at a decent resolution, and preserve the XIF data that is stored with the shots. I've searched all over the place but not found any decent suggestions for how this might be done. All the old film-scanners are either 1 photo at a time jobs, or require me to pull the film from the canister to scan. I want a scanner that I can just pop the APS film canister into and hit a button. But is there such a thing? Surely some slashdot reader has solved this problem before."

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Minolta Scan Elite II could do that. (1)

Static (1229) | more than 3 years ago | (#36794752)

There were some Minolta film scanners that had APS modules, though they were an extra purchase. My D'Image Scan Elite II could, and there were several others as well. Not having used APS myself, I never bought the extra module, but I know it was made. The software could scan a whole roll in one go, though it would take some time.

Finding one of those modules might be a difficult thing, however.


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