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FCC Release Broadband Report

dave562 (969951) writes | more than 3 years ago


dave562 (969951) writes "Today the FCC released the results of their study that was focused on measuring real world broadband performance for residential customers across the United States. The study examined service offerings from 13 of the largest wireline broadband providers using automated, direct measurements of broadband performance delivered to the homes of thousands of volunteers during March 2011. Myself and many other Slashdot readers participated in the study."
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Hm.... (1)

JTD121 (950855) | more than 3 years ago | (#36961000)

Okay, so the question is, is this the final report? Or just a preliminary 'up to now' type of thing?

I ask because I was selected in the first round of testing, but didn't even see the second round survey thing for quite some time. I eventually took it, and never heard back if I was supposed to receive a SamKnows router or not.

I sure would like to help, though. :-) So the second question remains; is the volunteer group still expanding, or is that it, and they will just collect data from the users they have?

Re:Hm.... (1)

dave562 (969951) | more than 3 years ago | (#36991452)

It is the report up til now. The group is still expanding. It was explicitly stated in the email that they sent out to announce the report that they are still looking for volunteers.

My sense is that they were commissioned by the FCC to provide the report that they just published. They are going to continue gathering data anyway with the intention of doing at least one more follow up report in another year.

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