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How to get legit business email past spam filters?

davala (468986) writes | more than 3 years ago

Spam 1

davala writes "I run a very small online business. Our receipts and some actual products are delivered to our customers via email. In the last few months we have been swamped by support calls from customers who are not receiving the goods from us. In almost every case we have found that our emails are going unceremoniously into their spam folders and understandably being overlooked. We have never sent a single shred of spam, nor marketed anything via email... yet we can no longer get through to recipients at AOL, Yahoo, and most corporations. Question to the gallery is, what can a small shop do to increase our chances of getting our legit emails through these aggressive spam filters?"
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Loop back Feed (1)

tenshihan (571181) | more than 3 years ago | (#36981300)

Once you fill out a loop back feed then you can apply for whitelisting across the various agencies. If it gets back, keep pressing till you get a postmaster. I've managed to help a few companies and you can shoot me a pm if you need it.
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