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Kinect, Blender, Metasploit 3D Hacking Environment

baxpace (1995604) writes | more than 3 years ago


baxpace writes "Oh shit, the interface for hackers just got a lot more natural folks. Next up after this is lawnmore man. In all seriousness, this quick 1 minute teaser video provides a brief glimpse into this incredibly creative and ingenious way to test your own security systems for vulnerabilities using Kinect interpreted natural gestures in tandem with Metasploit Framework and the Blender game engine.

The idea is to hack into your own systems while in a 3D, first person shooter style environment that interfaces with the Kinect sensor. The game engine was built using Blender and looks to be one of the most pleasing ways of uncovering your own systems architectural/networking vulnerabilities.

Hacking with a hacked Kinect. Gotta love it!"

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