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Argentina Censors Millions Of Websites

bs0d3 (2439278) writes | more than 3 years ago

Censorship 3

bs0d3 (2439278) writes "A judge in Argentina ordered ISPs to block two and . According to google many isps have simply blocked the ip instead of a targeted dns filter. Several million blogspot blogs are hosted at this ip.

Freedom of speech advocate Jillian York writes:

IP blocking is a blunt method of filtering content that can erase from view large swaths of innocuous sites by virtue of the fact that they are hosted on the same IP address as the site that was intended to be censored. One such example of overblocking by IP address can be found in India, where the IP blocking of a Hindu Unity website (blocked by an order from Mumbai police) resulted in the blocking of several other, unrelated sites. As Andrade points out, "There are other less restrictive technical procedures than the one used, which allow ISPs to comply with court orders fully, while affecting only the sites involved."


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Wrongo (1)

Spazmania (174582) | more than 3 years ago | (#37154412)

There are other less restrictive technical procedures than the one used, which allow ISPs to comply with court orders fully, while affecting only the sites involved.

Anyone who thinks that has never worked as a network engineer in an ISP of any significant size.

Re:Wrongo (1)

lavagolemking (1352431) | more than 3 years ago | (#37156584)

No, anyone who thinks this will effectively censor the websites in question has never worked as a network engineer. If they think messing with the DNS will comply with the court order, then they're probably spot on (how many judges do you know who will be able to work around that, or even know the difference?), and the nerdy people who will change their DNS settings to get around it are also probably not far from using a proxy to access the site in question, which will, incidentally, bypass this type of filter.

Given the popularity of Blogspot, I suspect the people who did this just simply entered in a website, got an IP address, and added an iptables rule or equivalent, without looking or realizing what they were blocking. Hell, that could even be scripted, and I could easily see an intern or low-level staff having just entered "" into a script without knowing what happened behind the scenes. I know ISPs hate net neutrality, but it's really not in their best interests to completely cut off access to; even if they have a monopoly they're just going to get flooded with complaints, with real competitive advantage in return to justify the added cost.

Barring a simple but stupid mistake like this from someone routing traffic, IANAL but it should not be the ISP's responsibility to not only screw with people's internet access at the request of the government, but go the extra mile and cut off access to the entire service provider. If we allow that kind of action, then we'll see a whole array of other sites getting blocked at a national level. Then, in an effort to keep themselves accessible around the world, we'll see hosting providers around the world bend over backwards to censor themselves and their users just because somebody, somewhere in the world, might object to some kind of political content one of their users posted.

Another Misleading Title (1)

WrongSizeGlass (838941) | more than 3 years ago | (#37154584)

Argentina Censors Millions Of Websites

Sorry, millions of blogs != millions of websites, especially if they are hosted at one IP address.

If they are only blocking then nothing of value was lost. /meme

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