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"10 years" is misleading. (1)

Futurepower(R) (558542) | about 2 years ago | (#37194438)

In fact, Windows XP was not fully ready for use until after Service Pack 2 was released. So, it's been only 6 years. Service Pack 2 fixed more than 310 bugs, if I remember correctly, many of them VERY serious. For example, until SP2, USB on Windows XP was unreliable.

In my opinion, Microsoft releases software long before it should be released. In my opinion, Microsoft is VERY abusive.

There are something like 500 million computers using Windows XP. It is not a dead operating system. If Microsoft won't support it, then Microsoft should be forced to allow others to support it.

Windows 7 has a lot of changes to the user interface that are undesirable to employees with years of experience with former Windows operating systems.

Because Microsoft has a virtual monopoly, it is possible for the company to make money by releasing small upgrades, calling them by different names, and charging the full price for the new version. Anti-trust laws were suspended for Microsoft. Windows 8 will be released next year; that is version churning.

Part of the effect of releasing software before it is finished is that it is VERY vulnerable to malware. That makes more money for Microsoft, since many people with disfunctional computer simply buy new computers, thus giving Microsoft another profit from selling another copy of an operating system, even though the old copy is no longer being used.
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