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IBM builds 120PB cluster out of 200,000 hard disks

MrSeb (471333) writes | more than 3 years ago

Data Storage 2

MrSeb writes "Smashing all known records by some margin, IBM Research Almaden, California, has developed hardware and software technologies that will allow it to strap together 200,000 hard drives to create a single storage cluster of 120 petabytes — 120 million gigabytes. The drive collective, when it is complete, is expected to store one trillion files — or to put it in Apple terms, two billion hours of MP3 music. The data repository, which currently has no name, is being developed for an unnamed customer, but with a capacity of 120PB, its most likely use will be the storage device for a governmental (or Facebook) supercomputer. With IBM's GPFS (General Parallel File System), over 30,000 files can be created per second — and with massive parallelism, and no doubt thanks to the 200,000 individual drives in the array, single files can be read or written at several terabytes per second."
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What is this in African elephants? (1)

evanism (600676) | more than 3 years ago | (#37217390)

Or Olympic swimming pools. Apples use of music means nothing, as song length is random.

Now however, if they converted all the hydrogen from an Olympic swimming pool.... Now we're talking!

Who's it for? (1)

FTWinston (1332785) | more than 3 years ago | (#37217790)

...with a capacity of 120PB, its most likely use will be the storage device for a governmental (or Facebook) supercomputer

Equivalent to (back of the envelope calculation) 161kB for every person on the earth. I'd guess that it's most likely being used for some major physics or biology project. Think of the quantity of data the LHC produces!

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