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Tesla CEO Lying About Model S? $1,000,000 Says Yes

thecarchik (1520545) writes | more than 3 years ago

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thecarchik (1520545) writes "Elon Musk, CEO of electric-car startup Tesla Motors, sometimes says things that later prove not to be quite true. In that, he's like many entrepreneurs, who spend a portion of their time persuading the unconvinced and painting pictures of the rosy future, despite inconvenient facts that may contradict that vision of the future.

And in the case of the 2012 Tesla Model S all-electric sports sedan, which Tesla says it will launch before the end of next year, skeptics abound. Pulitzer Prize wining Journalist Dan Neil said the schedule promised by Musk was "an audacious timeline that makes many in the car industry roll their eyes." And, he added, "Even people inside Tesla are leery." The implication was clear: Neil didn't believe Tesla would be able to deliver on Musk's promises.

A week later, Musk e-mailed Neil and told him--in no uncertain terms--that he was wrong. After several lively rounds of e-mail he challenged Musk to a $1 million bet on the outcome based on the Tesla Model S hitting 4 targets. If the Tesla Model S misses any of the targets, Neil wins the bet."

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Title is wrong (1)

Layzej (1976930) | more than 3 years ago | (#37221872)

The article states that $1 mil is being bet that Tesla delivers on time. Only $1000 is being bet that Tesla fails. Tesla is giving VERY good odds that they will make the deadline. Interesting story but framed as FUD in this writeup.
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