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The end of time (zones)?

hairyfish (1653411) writes | more than 3 years ago


hairyfish (1653411) writes "I have a question for the Slashdot community: Do we still need time zones?
Time zones are a relic of the past when different parts of the world were isolated, and 12pm was whenever the sun was directly above your specific location. Now in the Internet age, time is just an arbitrary number, and time zones are just unnecessary complexity. Why can't we scrap time zones altogether, and all just use UTC across the board?
So here on the eastern seaboard of Australia, lunchtime will now be at 2am, In New York it will be 4pm, and in Moscow it will be 8am. There'll be some pain with the initial changeover, but from then on it's all good.
Got a meeting with colleagues on the other side of the world? 4am means 4am for everyone. Got a flight landing at 3pm? 3pm now means 3pm for everyone.
For DST, you simply change your schedule rather than the clock (ie work and school starts an hour earlier during DST months).
No confusion ever again.
For someone whose work involves travel or communication across time zones this is the best idea I've ever heard. So why aren't we doing it?"

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I love this idea. (1)

xedd (75960) | more than 3 years ago | (#37226126)

In fact, believe it or not, I have been thinking over this very issue for years...
A 'planetary' time-system. It makes a lot of sense in the internet age.

let's do it !!! (1)

beires (2447876) | more than 3 years ago | (#37226236)

Nice thinking Hairyfish! Spread this idea, we don't need a worldwide approval by governments ... More and more people will follow this idea and time zones will extinct spontaneously. Yeahh, haven't been this excited since the invention of glowing dogs!

What about ships? (1)

ornel (810244) | more than 3 years ago | (#37226890)

If you work on a ship and are on transit across time zones, you need to change local time every couple of days to keep your sanity... We still keep UTC on board for servers and on the GPS, but local time is eneded as a basic frame of reference. You can't change your wake up time and beer o'clock all the time!

why aren't we doing it? (1)

perryizgr8 (1370173) | more than 3 years ago | (#37227734)

because it won't change a thing. you want everyone to adopt to a completely new way of looking at time and in return the gain is zero. the couple of cases you mention are extremely rare for most people. and even then the inconvenience is marginal.
and even if we agree that we follow a universal time, why would it be utc? why not ist (indian standard time)? at least a billion people won't have to inconvenience themselves.

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