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Google, OpenDNS roll out new, enhanced DNS

MrSeb (471333) writes | more than 3 years ago

Network 0

MrSeb writes "Starting today, a simple but effective switch has been flipped on the DNS servers across the world that should significantly decrease your page load times and increase your download speeds across the web. At the moment CDNs deliver content based on the location of your DNS server, which more often than not is geographically distant from your actual computer. Today, OpenDNS and Google have rejigged their DNS servers so that they now forward the first three octets of your IP address to the target web service. The first three octets provide more than enough data to divine the country you are surfing from, and sometimes even your city. The web service then uses your geolocation data to make sure that the resource you’ve requested — a website, a YouTube video, a file download — is delivered by a local cache.

For now this enhanced DNS service is limited to Google's services and a handful of CDNs — but considering OpenDNS and Google Public DNS are free to use, you can't really complain."

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