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Will Ubuntu Again Benefit from Industry Turmoil?

deadeyefred (1273668) writes | more than 3 years ago

Ubuntu 1

deadeyefred (1273668) writes "With HP trying to exit the PC business, Apple in transition but with skyrocketing Mac sales, and Windows 8 yet to ship, can Ubuntu once again benefit from serious turmoil in the PC industry? Not only that, but the last time there was a world economic slump, free software got a lot more serious look. Ubuntu's beta launch this week, which has been fairly well received, might be a good sign."
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exagerating lately? (1)

justforgetme (1814588) | more than 3 years ago | (#37310620)

I mean come on! This isn't the OS world in turmoil,heck this isn't the hardware world in turmoil. Just the fact that HP abandons webOS and steve Apple doesn't mean that there was an opening created for Linux. First off the webOS and apple stories mostly affect mobile computing, a game that ubuntu doesn't play.
Second: Even if you rephrase the post to say: what does this mean for maemo (the only actively developed foss OS for mobile I know of) or `what was that archlinux for arm architectures called`? You still don't have a topic because the OEM world consistently ignores them.

Ok, maybe Ubuntu OO going into beta in the near future is a bit newsworthy but for teh rest you don't have a case I think...

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