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Where can I buy ROMs?

PktLoss (647983) writes | more than 3 years ago

Piracy 1

PktLoss writes "I'm interested in building an arcade machine, following the footsteps of Cmdr Taco amongst many others. Not being all that interested in piracy, I need to find somewhere to buy games. Starroms used to be the kind of thing I was looking for, though with an incredibly short catalog. The MAME people have a few available for free (non-commercial), but this isn't going to sate my needs.

There's an entire cottage industry supporting this goal. People are ready to sell me plans, kits, buttons, joy sticks, glass marquees, and entire machines. That's fantastic, but where can I get the games? I refuse to believe that this entire industry is built on piracy."

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Abandonware (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#37368366)

Piracy exists for a reason, that reason being the end users' needs are not being catered to by the corporations with monopolies on certain products. Indeed, the monopolies in this case are all but abandoned since it's simply not profitable for these corporations to sell the products in question (ie. your cottage industry is insignificant to them), however the law is still the law and it's illegal to copy those roms. The roms are abandonware. You figure for yourself what's the ethical thing to do -- cater to your own needs now and demand that the law is changed, or follow the law, broken as it is, and give up on your project. Bonus: if copyright had not been extended to its current levels, the roms would probably be in the public domain by now.
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