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Verizon Defends AT&T T-Mobile Merger

tekgoblin (1675894) writes | more than 3 years ago

Government 1

tekgoblin writes "Verizon Communications chief executive Lowell McAdam has announced that he is supporting the AT&T T-Mobile merger. He warned that the Government has no choice but to let the deal go though unless they want to fix the current spectrum problems. He went on to say “We need to be very thoughtful on what the impacts would be to the overall industry if this is a way to regulate the industry without actually passing regulation.” The current telcos need more wireless spectrum to continue expanding and operating efficiently so they have resorted to acquiring other companies."
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Bogus argument (1)

RavenManiac (220921) | more than 3 years ago | (#37479256)

Verizon has a monopoly in CDMA in its spectrum. They want to justify this by supporting an awful merger that will create a GSM monopoly.

The merger hurts all cell phone users in the US by eliminating competition. It especially hurts T-Mobile customers like me who left Cingular or AT&T for better service. How many people think that this merger will improve AT&T service and support? Not me.

We need more competition, net less, for both CDMA and GSM.

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