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Should Apple Kill the iPod?

mykepredko (40154) writes | more than 2 years ago

Apple 3

mykepredko (40154) writes "Back in 2006, Apple was riding high on the success of its iPod. The gadget accounted for more than 50% of Apple's first-quarter revenue that year as a digital music revolution was in full swing. Now the iconic iPod is an afterthought, bringing in a mere 8% of Apple revenue – and falling fast as other gadgets take over the digital jukebox role on top of many other functions.

The article implies that the iPod is a dying part of the business — I would have liked to see revenues for the iPod from 2006 to today to see if it really is a "dying" line but the question is valid — should Apple drop the iPod and concentrate on the Mac, iPad and iPhone lines?"

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Should Apple Kill the iPod? (1)

WrongSizeGlass (838941) | more than 2 years ago | (#37494964)

No. Even at a mere 8% of their revenue it's worth billions per year.

I believe it's still a test bed for the iPhone (1)

Shadowell (108926) | more than 2 years ago | (#37495288)

From everything I understand they still use the iPods as test beds for tech that makes it into the iPhone, that adds a lot of value for Apple beyond simple sales figures.

Apple should kill iPhone (1)

RavenManiac (220921) | more than 2 years ago | (#37495496)

It's a terrible phone -- lousy reception, marginal voice quality, can't change the battery like almost every other phone, uses a cut SIM card [yeah, I have a SIM cutter, but that's only to put two or more providers on a SIM card], GSM phone that can't roam affordably outside the US [i.e. locked], missing essential frequencies for data roaming, has video calling only between iPhones [I've had video calling for over 3 years and can call anyone with a camera phone]. And it's GLASS. Hey, Apple, even Gorilla glass breaks! It's a pretty good iPod.

Actually iPod Touch is better than iPhone--slim, light, like my non-Apple phone--except that it's GLUED TOGETHER, and the camera is pathetic. I use a last gen iPhone as an iPod. It's a pretty good radio, but not both Internet and FM, like my real phone. Of course I have to carry two small devices instead of one heavy, breakable iPhone with pentalobe screws that they don't want you to open. Lose the iPhone, so that cell phones won't have such a pathetic yet flashy competitor to keep them down.

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