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Mercury Turns Out to be a Weird Little World

sighted (851500) writes | about 3 years ago

Space 1

sighted writes "The robotic spacecraft MESSENGER, now orbiting the first planet, has found odd features on its surface, including unexplained, blueish 'hollows' that may be actively forming today. The new findings will be published this week in Science. One scientist said, 'The conventional wisdom was that Mercury is just like the Moon. But from its vantage point in orbit, MESSENGER is showing us that Mercury is radically different from the Moon in just about every way we can measure.'"
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Messenger did good (1)

Trax3001BBS (2368736) | about 3 years ago | (#37558134)

I know more about Mercury in that one article (Presentations), than I ever hoped to know of that Planet.

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