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Hot multi-OS switching - why haven't other develop

recrudescence (1383489) writes | about 3 years ago

Operating Systems 1

recrudescence writes "Slashdot readers might remember the Touchbook announcement from Always Innovating stirring up a lot of excitement in the slashdot community back in 2009 (almost a year before the iPad was announced and essentially killed this off, and way before the Asus Transformer, which is essentially the same idea). The company's new product seems to support Hot multi-OS switching, supposedly with a minimal performance penalty. What seems strange to me is, why haven't other developers jumped in on this already? Macs, for instance, made a huge campaign of their products' new ability to finally support Microsoft Windows, yet (disregarding emulation options) they're still limited to booting to a single working system at any time."
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Title cut short (1)

recrudescence (1383489) | about 3 years ago | (#37575946)

Slashdot cut off half the title for some reason. It was meant to read something like "Hot multi-OS switching - why haven't other developers jumped in on this already?"
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