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Is Off-Shoring a National Security Threat?

Anonymous Coward writes | more than 2 years ago


An anonymous reader writes "Should the US government hold developers more responsible for the quality of their code? One top cyber security analyst says more regulations would be a mistake.

‘Any attempt to regulate software quality and security simply drives the software industry off-shore for good,’ he says. ‘Similarly, requiring trusted on-shore production ensures two things: (1) falling behind world progress as we aren’t the only smart people and we are a minority, and (2) costs rise in a way that makes on-shore-mandated software cost-uncompetitive on the world market.’"

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World Trade Organization issue (1)

It doesn't come easy (695416) | more than 2 years ago | (#37600678)

The fix is to require that all businesses that are global to meet the requirements for ALL countries that are impacted by the business. For example, if software development is moved to India then the business must comply with the regulations for BOTH countries. And for the chain of businesses involved, each would have to comply. Example, if Company A in the US hires Company B in England, who hires Company C in India, to do the work then all three companies must comply with the regulations in the US, England, and India for the product involved. A requirement like this would help countries like India raise their standards of living and reduce shifting of jobs from rich countries to poor countries simply for the sake of profit. The same should apply to all products (example, electronics produced in China), not just software.
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