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How to catch a thief?

otaku244 (1804244) writes | about 3 years ago


otaku244 (1804244) writes "I spent a day in Vancouver this week while working in Seattle. While I enjoyed the area, some Vancouver citizen decided to enjoy my Macbook Pro. Unfortunately, I didn't discover this until I was already back at my Seattle hotel. Needless to say, I am quite miffed at the whole experience.
Fortunately, I have LogMeIn installed on that machine. I provided the IP address to the VPD, but they say that laws don't allow warrants solely on the physical address tied to an IP. It sounds like the silver bullet is to take a picture of the person using the laptop. The question becomes, how do I convince the guy to run a script that will take a picture of him and smtp it to me?
I promise to post pics of the guy if this get's pulled off successfully!"

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Befriend the guy (1)

onezeta (2484494) | about 3 years ago | (#37710902)

Try to befriend the guy so you can have a video chat or something. Stroke his ego.

If you get it back, (1)

Jane Q. Public (1010737) | about 3 years ago | (#37712780)

... get rid of that software and use Prey [] instead.

You can get screenshots, shapshots, etc. all without having to "convince" anyone to run a script.

And that's just the free service. You can pay to upgrade even after the fact and get more features.
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