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Correlating Psychopathy with Speach Patterns

florescent_beige (608235) writes | about 3 years ago

Science 2

florescent_beige (608235) writes "Researchers from Cornell and UBC report (here and here) that analysis of speech patterns using Wmatrix along with something called the Dictionary of Affect in Language (see a demo here) shows that psychopaths speak differently from other people, at least statistically. Although they say that these differences are "presumably beyond conscious control" the authors do not say if the method has any predictive use.

Regardless, the popular press has already gone headline nonlinear about it."

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Spelling Mistake in Title (1)

florescent_beige (608235) | about 3 years ago | (#37721480)

If someone could fix that in case this gets storied, well, that would be super.

In speech, we know (1)

onezeta (2484494) | about 3 years ago | (#37723376)

Well, the killer in CSI was very articulate. No stuttering or lots of uhms and ahhs when he was interviewed or bating the team. So maybe their research lacks something?
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