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Federated Media Lands Deal

tekgoblin (1675894) writes | about 3 years ago

Advertising 1

tekgoblin writes "Federated Media has just annouced a partnership with This deal follows shortly after Federated Media acquired the advertising network Lijit. The deal will include all of the blogs that are hosted under the company which comes to around 25 million. users will now be able to choose to allow sponsored posts, and Federated Media ads on their blog."
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GR8 (1)

vishal dogra (2439174) | about 3 years ago | (#37769786)

Word Press [wordpress.coml] has progressed and progressing leaps and bounds in a very short span.The blog has special features and this additional feature will be quite useful for people like us who blog at this website [infosphaira.coml] .
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