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Open Source CPUs Coming to a Club Near You?

lekernel (1279600) writes | about 3 years ago

Hardware 1

lekernel (1279600) writes "The Milkymist project have started shipping their so-called "video synthesizer", a device used by concert and other event organizers to create live visual effects. Most interestingly, the device is based on their fully open source system-on-chip design, including both a CPU and graphics accelerators — the latter being a significant part of what Open Graphics is still struggling with."
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Good starting point for new Open Hardware dev (1)

zougloub (1166719) | about 3 years ago | (#37781722)

A working device with a purpose that may be uninteresting for some, but the technology is here, and we can suppose that it being (almost) completely open will help a lot of open hardware developments.

Good work guys !

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