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Global warming 'confirmed' by independent study

chrb (1083577) writes | about 3 years ago

Science 2

chrb (1083577) writes "The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Project — an independent study of Earth's historical temperature record partly funded by climate sceptics including the Koch brothers — has released preliminary results that show the same warming trend as previous research. Project leader and physics professor Richard Muller, of the University of California, has stated that he was "surprised" at the close agreement, and it "confirms that these studies were done carefully". The study also found that warming in the temperature record was not caused by poor quality weather monitoring stations — thus rejecting a frequent claim of sceptics. Climate sceptic Stephen McIntyre has previously said "anything that [Muller] does will be well done" So, does this finally settle the argument over whether global warming is real?"

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What's the plan? (1)

rich_hudds (1360617) | about 3 years ago | (#37789270)

Assuming the world does warm up, what are we going to do?

It seems pretty clear to me that we're not going to get any kind of meaningful agreement to cut CO2 levels so are we just going to live with it and if so what do people think is going to happen?

Carbon and CO2 are not mentioned (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 3 years ago | (#37790076)

The earth has had temperature fluctuations since the beginning of its existence. Saying the earth's recent temperature changes are caused by anything different than past causes has not been proven.

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