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Algae fuel summit

Bob the Super Hamste (1152367) writes | about 3 years ago

Biotech 0

Bob the Super Hamste writes "The St. Paul Pioneer Press is reporting on the fifth annual Algal Biomass Organization Summit from October 24th through the 27th. The University of Minnesota will be kicking off the summit with a tour of their laboratory at St. Anthony Falls. The University of Minnesota operates an algae growing greenhouse at it's research facility in UMore Park Rosemount MN. The article covers the usual points that is typically grown in warmer sunnier climates and also that algae avoids the food vs fuel debate associated with corn ethanol and soybean bio diesel. An interesting point the article makes is that currently algae based bio fuels do not count as renewable fuels because they are not made from the right type of plant. As usual John Sheehan, science director of the University of Minnesota's Initiative for Renewable Energy and the Environment points out that this is 5 years or longer for high volume fuel production, with emphasis on the longer."
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