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The Netherlands surpasses South Korea in broadband

AmyVernon (1832298) writes | about 3 years ago

The Internet 0

AmyVernon (1832298) writes "Akamai's servers carry about a third of the world's internet traffic, so a snapshot its traffic is a pretty solid look at worldwide internet trends. Read Write Web plowed through their second-quarter report (just released) for the best tidbits, including:
  Attack traffic "originated from 192 unique countries/regions around the world. Taiwan was the top attack traffic source, accounting for 10% of observed attack traffic in total. Myanmar and the United States held the second and third place spots, respectively."
  The Netherlands leaped above South Korea in broadband adoption rates, in part because South Korea's connection rates dropped 17% over the same quarter a year earlier. (Also, though the U.S. remains a distant third, it is continually making gains.)
Rhode Island surpassed Delaware as the U.S. state with the fastest average connection speed — 8.2 Mbps.
  Just one of the top 10 cities in average connection speed — San Jose, Calif. — is from outside Japan and South Korea. The next U.S. city on the list is no. 51, Fredericksburg, Va."

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