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Robot walks like a human, requires no power

MrSeb (471333) writes | more than 2 years ago

Robotics 1

MrSeb writes "Today’s groundbreaking entry into the Uncanny Valley is a pair of mechanical, robot legs that are propelled entirely by their own weight: they can walk with a human-like gait without motors or external control. Produced by some researchers at Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan, all the legs require for perpetual motion (they walked 100,000 steps, 15km, over 13 hours last year) is a gentle push and a slight downwards slope. They then use same "principle of falling" that governs human walking, with the transfer of weight (and the slight pull of gravity), pulling the robot into consecutive steps."
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Oh great (1)

CODiNE (27417) | more than 2 years ago | (#37840546)

First I find out robots are taking over all our jobs.

Then I find out there's a robot made JUST FOR WALKING.

Today was a bad day... I'm obsolete, all that's left for me is eating and pooping.

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